In Which It Is to Laugh

Last night while I was at the library I scanned one of the art journal pages I’ve been working on.

Which is good, because I’m not going back to that library any time soon after the way they’ve treated my mother and me.

I just don’t want to be stuck here forever. Acrylics, collage, ink and gel pen.

Originally the mammoth skeleton was because being stuck in a rut feels like straying into an antediluvian tar pit. But then our car got hosed, literally stranding us, and then we got trampled by the fossilized attitudes of the local queen bee and her minions.

So, you know. Check out my layers of meaning!

Maybe in a few million years whatever life still exists on this miserable planet will dig up my skeleton and find it educational.


In Which I Aten’t Dead


I did stick out ICAD until nearly the end, and I’ve got the cards lying around here somewhere. But I sort of forgot I had an art blog over the past six months due to factors including but not limited to:

  • a sudden overwhelming obsession with Captain America
  • various deaths in the family
  • my pseudo-nephew turning a year old
  • slow-burning rage over current events
  • the abrupt and unforeseen closure of the shared studio I’ve been part of for several years
  • Christmas

So that’s what happened there.

In the interests of making this post less banal, here are some ATCs I did awhile back:

A collaged card showing a spacecraft, colored stripes, and a snippet of text from a sci-fi magazine. spacetc3 A collaged card showing a spacecraft, colored stripes, and a snippet of text from a sci-fi magazine.
Acrylics, glossy magazine pages, and one of my dad’s old SF mags.

In Which A Theme Is Detected

Here are some cards from the second week of ICAD.

Three index-card artworks in various shades of purple.
Are you sensing a theme? I’m sensing a theme.

Yes, that upper right-hand one was done for the prompt “magenta”, and yes it was totally phoned in.  (The 14th was extremely busy, in my defense.)  I’m pretty proud of the other two, though.

Drawing of a crowned woman with brown skin and puffy hair, captioned "Vivat Regina" (long live the queen).
Colored pencil and gel pens on 3×5 index card.

Broke out my trusty glitter gels for this lady.  I’m practicing drawing different types of hairstyles, cos we can’t ALL have flowing waist-length tresses, right?   (“Vivat Regina” means “long live the queen”.  I am all about queens. And princesses.  And tiaras for all, really.)

Book text arranged on a cross-hatched purple background to form an imaginary book review.
Collage and alcohol markers.

This is a review of an imaginary book, using text from old encyclopedia articles, including an AMAZINGLY condescending one about Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  (Did you know she was only a “minor poet” because her emotions were too strong?   *eyeroll*)

I may have used up my month’s supply of purple, but it was worth it.

In Which I Emerge From My Lair

…and go to the ATC meetup with Mom.

To be perfectly honest I have occasionally had more fun at the dentist’s, but such is life, especially for the introvert.  On the plus side, I did actually make an ATC for a change, out of the random baggie of stuff I got at the door:

A card with a background of sheet music and a collaged house with blue borders.
ATC from challenge packet, May 2014.

Not a very good photo, but then it’s not a very good card, either.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to doing things I actually like.

In the meantime I am crawling back into my burrow for the night.  Toodles.