In Which There Is A Spiffing Hat

Index card with colored pencil and felt pen.
Index card with colored pencil and felt pen.

In addition to all the other goings-on, I have mislaid my camera, so all I can give you is crappy webcam snapshots of my art.  Which is discouraging.

I have, for approximately the twelfth time, forgotten how to keep an art journal, and so I am resorting to the index cards again.  I am doing one per day, whether actually on the day or not, and this is one from last week.  My friend Nan is the remorseless fiend responsible for my Captain America situation, so it is only fair that I make her watch Agent Carter with me.  (It’s on ABC! You should watch it too if you like any of the following: spy shenanigans, the 1940s, Marvel superheroes, women being awesome, extremely British men being adorable, the above hat. /end plug)

I got a gift card to the craft store for Christmas, so I spent part of it on the Polycolor pencils I have been eyeing for a while.  They are pretty sweet!  More testing is required.