In Which I Find My Staedtler Fineliners!


I swear I thought they had disappeared forever. Never leave me again!


In Which I Show Off My Toys

So that’s reasonably successful so far.  I’ve done a bunch of stuff in the crap journal, made index cards for all but today, located the Aeneid and the black-and-white book in the mess (yes! I have been CLEANING! Tremble, mortals), and figured out how to take a photo that’s not complete rubbish in the interim.  It involves a lot of guesswork and balancing stacks of books, though, so don’t prepare to be dazzled just yet.

None of my recent art is worth writing home about, so today I am doing a thing I have been meaning to do for a while, one of the Three Solemn Tasks of the Initiate Art Blogger: posting about my basic art kit.

My traveling art kit.  Ooh fancy.
Ooooh fancy.

It lives, if you will believe it, in a cheapie little makeup (?) pouch with a zipper.  My mother picked up at the discount store as a stocking stuffer a couple years back, and it works swell, as Mr. Beaver would say.

It contains, on any given day:

  • black Pitt pens in assorted nib sizes,
  • a hard pencil for sketching and at least one eraser,
  • basic colored pencils plus blender,
  • a good pencil sharpener,
  • sharp scissors,
  • bone folder,
  • and a glue stick.

The current glue stick I think may be discontinued, which is a shame because it is ace; it grabs fast and sticks hard.  I am not sure what I’ll do when I’ve used it up.  Not shown are a mechanical (soft) pencil, white and black gel pens, and the kneaded eraser.

The best part is that all of that only fills the bag about halfway, so I have plenty of room to wedge in a travel watercolor set if I want it, or some colored felt pens, or several rolls of washi tape, or even a tiny sketchbook if I am travelling extra light. Otherwise I just stick it in my shoulder bag with any given journal, and then I am fully prepared if I have a sudden attack of Art while sitting in the pharmacy drive-thru.

Originally I kept my watercolors in it, because that seemed to be the done thing — all the books and all the blogs say ALWAYS CARRY YOUR WATERCOLOR SET!  But the truth is I paint a lot less than I draw or collage, so I ditched the paints for the colored pencils. I can always put them back in on a day when I feel painty. This is what I had to learn for myself — your Basic Art Kit will evolve over time, and it does not need to look like anyone else’s.