In Which A Theme Is Detected

Here are some cards from the second week of ICAD.

Three index-card artworks in various shades of purple.
Are you sensing a theme? I’m sensing a theme.

Yes, that upper right-hand one was done for the prompt “magenta”, and yes it was totally phoned in.  (The 14th was extremely busy, in my defense.)  I’m pretty proud of the other two, though.

Drawing of a crowned woman with brown skin and puffy hair, captioned "Vivat Regina" (long live the queen).
Colored pencil and gel pens on 3×5 index card.

Broke out my trusty glitter gels for this lady.  I’m practicing drawing different types of hairstyles, cos we can’t ALL have flowing waist-length tresses, right?   (“Vivat Regina” means “long live the queen”.  I am all about queens. And princesses.  And tiaras for all, really.)

Book text arranged on a cross-hatched purple background to form an imaginary book review.
Collage and alcohol markers.

This is a review of an imaginary book, using text from old encyclopedia articles, including an AMAZINGLY condescending one about Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  (Did you know she was only a “minor poet” because her emotions were too strong?   *eyeroll*)

I may have used up my month’s supply of purple, but it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “In Which A Theme Is Detected

  1. Oh my… disrespect toward Elizabeth Barrett Browning? That is simply not at all agreeable to me! Horrifying in fact… wait! That sounded awfully emotional, didn’t it?! :-)

    I also appreciate your mention of “phoning in” a card. I have a bunch of backgrounds prepared for days like that although until now I didn’t feel comfortable confessing the times when it felt like that… I have had them. I actually felt sort of lackluster even in the beginning and am considering a new strategy to keep myself interested beyond just loving the concept and enjoying making backgrounds.

    Glad to have found you today!

    1. It’s funny how they rarely say that about male writers, huh? (The article went on to say how painful and embarrassing it must have been for Robert Browning to be married to such a drama queen! I can’t make this stuff up.)

      Yeahhh, I think it’s normal to get bogged down and have off days, especially in a long haul. A couple of weeks ago I actually missed a day…. so the next day I wrote “This card intentionally left blank” on a card and called it makeup work. :P After all, the point of this whole thing is to do art whether it’s good or not, right?

      I’m trying to be flexible with mine… mix it up as much as possible, but do the same thing twice in a row if I feel like it, just cover a card with washi tape if that’s what I’m feeling that day. The crappy magenta card started out as experimenting with a friend’s Gelatos because they were on offer. I wound up with a crappy card, but I learned that Gelatos are cool (and tricky to work with).

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