In Which I Mostly Need An Excuse To Post

A pot of tulips and the word "bloom", doodled over a page of Latin verse.

Page from the “Aeneid”, Pitt pen.

I did some more book doodling, and also you can follow my blog with Bloglovin.



  1. Remind me, are these the Prismacolor markers? I’m just crazy about how the color shows the text below… somehow it ends up almost looking like an image transfer the way your drawings are overlayed.

    Also, I really dig the patterning to the flowers, it captures the variegated colors a lot of tulips have while still having that awesome doodle-y quality.

    1. Thanks! :D Nope, it’s alllll Pitt pens — the Prismas would go through about twelve layers of this paper! It’s got sort of a satin finish to it, so I think the ink doesn’t sink in all the way, or something (I’m a doodler, not a chemist, dammit Jim).

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